Children’s circus in orphanages in Afghanistan

Even though Afghanistan is constantly in the news, the amount of donations flowing into the region has been decreasing. Especially in the provinces, only a small amount of money reaches them. In this sense the provinces of Afghanistan are forgotten regions of the world.

Afghanistan has been in a terrible crisis for the past 35 years. That has devastating consequences for the people. Even the parents of most children have never lived in a peaceful country. Not only is material support needed, but also emotional support is desperately needed.

The Tereska Foundation supports a project organized by the local organization AECC (Afghan Educational Children´s Circus) together with the Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action). Children from four orphanages in the provinces of Nangarhar, Jawzjan, Bamyan and Ghor receive help in the form of circus activities which are meant to promote their free time and development possibilities.

Approximately 400 children from orphanages as well as other children from the neighborhood will hopefully be strengthened in their personal and social development and their self-confidence.

Regular free time offers from AECC‘s “Social Circus” are planned for all children: special trainings/workshops for children who will be trained to be a “Mini Trainer”, media trainings in the orphanages in Bamyan und Ghor, as well as yearly “Circus Festivals” in all four regions. Particularly talented and interested children will be integrated in AECC’s children’s network for activities and offers and will eventually continue independently after the initial project ends.

The foundation supports this project initially for two years.