Emergency help for war-traumatized children in Aleppo

From January 04 until June 10 2013, the Tereska Foundation stepped in to financially support an emergency help project in Aleppo in Syria. Even though Aleppo is constantly in the news, unfortunately there are not a lot of donations for Syria. This project was just started by the courageous workers from the Czechoslovakian organization PIN (People In Need) and the German Welthungerhilfe (German Agro Action) and was doomed to fail because of a lack of funding.

Even if one sees the many images from Aleppo or reads the war reports, it is very difficult to imagine what this situation really means for the children who have to live in this constant environment of fear and violence. In order to provide just some of these children with a couple of hours of relief a day, space for school and playing is provided by teachers from Aleppo at six relatively secure locations in the city.

Approximately 2000 particularly needy children receive lessons there as well as materials such as pencils, paper and first aid kits. In addition hygiene articles for washing and fuel for lighting are provided for the dark cellar rooms. The teachers also receive a small financial support.<

Meanwhile even more children have been included in this program. The Tereska Foundation again supported the children in approximately the same relative magnitude from the beginning of July until the end of December in the hope that enough donations will be available to ensure a secure financing.